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Rampart Enterprises, Inc. is a full service commercial and light industrial electrical contractor serving Northern California and Nevada. About Us »

We offer skilled craftsmanship with California Certified Electrician's impeccable performance along with competitive pricing to clients. We are Prevailing Wage compliant.

Rampart is a committed partner in providing LEED lighting on projects that require full LEED compliance, as well as those who desire compliance with only the lighting portion of the project.

Kroc Corps Community Center

Salvation Army

Tenant Improvements
Past Project

After a few years of planning, the Salvation Army is more than pleased with the outcome of the Community Center. The 60,000-square foot facility houses an array of education, fitness, sports, faith, arts, and supportive programs. It includes a rock climbing wall, gymnasium, fitness center, dance and aerobics room, spinning room, lap and fitness pools, cafe, child watch area, and community meeting rooms.

"I believe lives will be transformed into healthier beings in body, mind, and soul," Vickie Harvey said, "Also, people will discover new gifts and talents they have. If people take full advantage of what the Kroc Center has to offer, our community will become healthier and stronger."

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